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We delivery your WOW

About the Service

Im-At-Home supplies state of the art development and consultancy services to medium and large businesses.

With 2 startups under the belt in San Francisco, IAH has significant expertise in delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Out of the Box

We pride ourselves in thinking out of the box in our delivery. We choose to develop over the use of OpenSource to ensure our clients IP protection from litigation and 3rd party claims.

10 Years Old

Founded in 2006, Im-At-Home has an international prescence and reputation for delivering quality software services.


Having worked with significant companies such as AUDI, SONY, KLM, Heineken, EPO, ESA, NS and KPN, Im-At-Home is positioned to assist in provisioning significant services to a variety of multinationals.

Apple Development

With 7 years of development with iOS and ObjectiveC, IAH has delivered over 30 significant apps to the AppStore with 50+ Million users. Amongst those delivered include Sports applications for major events, Formula 1 not to mention a number of apps dealing with catalogues and presentation materials.

Apple Device Certification

IAH is one of the only businesses worldwide that provide complete iOS App certification services upon all active device configurations (from iPhone3G). Consequently, for companies wishing to validate upon all device configurations, please contact us directly.

Enterprise Qualification

We are a certified Enterprise Service Partner with Apple.

Upcoming Services

New and Innovative Solutions in the works

Im-At-Home has been busy developing a number of key solutions. A couple are below, a few more at the moment in secret. We'll release more information shortly with regard to upcoming changes.


We are proud to shortly release our first significant product - PawsToo, an International Petsitting Service.


Asset & identity management services built around a blockchain-like digital ledger. More information to follow.


Coming soon - in stealth


HyperServer is an advanced compile-on-demand web server featuring an advanced RegEx routing engine.

PublicGraph, GraphMD

Graphs released for significant services in the medical field amongst others.


One of the leading Radio players on iOS, Mac and soon AppleTV.

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